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released July 1, 2015



all rights reserved


DYNARCHY Mainz, Germany

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Track Name: Iceland
breathe slow
take me to
a land of ice and snow
a place where we could go
find what’s buried deep in our souls

dive deep into the water
and find the light in the dark
the universe in the core of our hearts

every step could be a beginning
every move could break our limit
keep your eyes and
your heart wide open
Track Name: Lumina
just go there straight and never give up
shine out your light and spark their hearts
our time is now, let’s rule this life
we’re meant to illuminate the night

inflame your fire
let’s turn this winter
into a golden layer
you’ve got the spark in you
Track Name: Warrior
we all are wanderers
on our hunt on chasing dreams
sometimes i wonder if
we’ll ever feel right where we are

down in the woods, through the fields, up the hills, into the sea
we wander like hunters until we find ease

we all are warriors
always after something else
what we will conquer today
tomorrow will be our starting place

what is it that you are craving for?
what is it that makes you move?
can you feed my hungry heart
soothe me
Track Name: Hungry Wolf
daily routine is all that you need
is that why you treat me like i’m ordinary
shine like yellow, then make me feel blue
is your love just temporary?

but you don’t get it – it’s no casual thing
i let you in if you want to be him

i go for the full cake
don’t give me just a piece of it
i’m a hungry wolf and i deserve it
i don’t need your good intentions
give me real and show me edges
feed me with whatever you prefer
but give me all not just a slice of it
i’m a hungry wolf and i deserve it
but give me all not just a piece of it
i’m a hungry wolf and i deserve it
Track Name: Gravity
watch me how i change my season
how i change my mind
my thoughts form to words
and my words form to shapes in your mind
oh what’s on your mind?
oh i feel only your gravity could hold me
oh i feel i found my right kind of orbit
unravel your tangled thoughts in your inimitable way
it’s you, only you to be telling your story your way
soak me into your space
we’ll forever be turning
slowly let me embrace
a new era is about to begin
Track Name: Aleph
come around oh come around
i don’t know how, i don’t know how
to say it aloud what i’m about to say

i feel it rising up
this stream i can’t escape
pull me near, i won’t resist
you’re the fruit i’m gonna pick
Track Name: Blossom
rise above
or go beyond
turn your inside out
transmit your thoughts
into my mind
i’m ready to explore

slow it down, remember
you’re a blooming flower

express yourself
create some space
to make you feel at ease
just open up
to what you’ve got
and you’ll be feeling free
Track Name: Moving
this is where i want to be
wherever this flow will take me
i know i’m moving right this way
don’t let me fall when i say i stay

the sky, the blue, your smile, the sea
show me all the colours you want me to see

let’s make this place our home
underneath the sky
i feel like i’m home
when i see you smile
let me revel in your atmosphere
i’m swimming in your atmosphere
Track Name: Kyra
here we walk through the darkness
noone can see us but ourselves
we risk, we dream, we wake, we move
come with me
where do we go?
come with me, help me
come with me
where do we go?
come with me
here we go

where the wild animals live
tired wings, tired eyes
wake up, move, live free
go along with your destiny